Master Class | Winter 2017 // Cours de maître | Hiver 2017
Apr 5

Master Class | Winter 2017 // Cours de maître | Hiver 2017

Time – our non renewable resource
Master class - Winter 2017

We take time for granted. “See you next week” or “I’ll do it later”. “Same time next year”. If we think about it, our lives are like an hourglass with the sand running out. We, as a civilization, are obsessed with making time count…or not…

As photographers we record the decisive moment, we build structures that will withstand the test of time. We record our lives for future memories.

Come and explore this theme in my next Master Class.

5 Sessions:
January 24th, February 7th, March 7th and 21st

Wednesday: April 5th


Temps – notre ressource non renouvelable

Cours de maître - Hiver 2017

Nous prenons le temps pour acquis. “On se voit la semaine prochaine” ou bien “Je le ferai plus tard”. “Même heure, l'année prochaine”. Si l'on y réfléchit bien, nos vies sont comme un sablier où le sable s'écoule. En fait, nous, comme la civilisation, sommes obsédés avec la décompte du temps…ou pas…

En tant que photographes, nous recueillons les moments décisifs, nous construisons les structures qui résisterons à l'épreuve du temps. Nous recueillons nos vies pour les souvenirs futurs.

Venez explorer ce thème dans mon prochain cours de maître.

5 Sessions:
Les mardis:
24 janvier, 7 février, 7 et 21 mars

Le mercredi: 5 avril


7:00 pm19:00

Mount-Royal Night Photography Workshop | La photo de nuit sur le Mont-Royal

Night is that deeply intimate time that shapes our dreams, our fears and our hopes. We spend half our lives in its embrace.. And yet it is a time that is largely unknown.

Linda Rutenberg has spent her nights wandering through the streets of large cities, and some of the world’s finest gardens. She has explored the depths of night and captured its mystery, its memories and its moods.

This workshop will deal with the special qualities of nighttime photography, the unique approach and the techniques used. Join Linda on this voyage into the unknown.